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Hi there,

Wow, not only have you somehow made it to my site and presumably read my articles, you’re curious enough to want to know more about me.

I’m an investor, living in India but investing my money where I get the most bang for the buck. Right now, that’s in buying undervalued gold mining stocks listed in US and Canada. I also work as a Junior Mining and Investment Analyst at The Dollar Vigilante, a publication aimed at surviving and prospering through the coming collapse. What led me to this esoteric path? Reading history, understanding Austrian Economics, an MBA education, exposure to value investing, working in the tech sector… all this somehow melded together and one fine day, I made the leap to investing in this space and haven’t looked back since. If you think the gold rally began and ended in 2016, think again. 2016 was merely the overture, the opera is just getting started. And I’m all set to profit from it.

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